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How to divide retirement assets during divorce

Dividing property and money during divorce can be daunting. You must not forget about the proceeds of your retirement plan. Your retirement account may hold a significant amount of wealth. Separating your retirement funds requires careful consideration and a unique process of obtaining a qualified domestic relations order (QDRO).

Uncovering hidden assets during divorce

A strong, successful marriage is often based on mutual trust, and once that trust starts to dissipate, it can be hard to find it again. If you have lost trust in your spouse and believe that he or she may be trying to conceal assets ahead of an upcoming divorce, performing your due diligence can help ensure you get your fair share when the day comes.

Stressed about property division? Here are your options

As the divorce process gets closer, you likely have concerns about property division and how you can protect your assets. After all, nobody wants to see their hard-earned assets go away. Carefully identifying, characterizing and valuing your marital property is key to ensuring you remain financially stable throughout the process.

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