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Domestic violence in Pennsylvania

Domestic violence is, unfortunately, no stranger to the United States. Some even stress that instances of abuse in the home go severely underreported. In Pennsylvania, the legal system categorizes domestic violence into the same classifications of assault and battery, and the state requires police to arrest any suspect reported for such violence in the household.

The truth about domestic violence

An intimate relationship dispute can contain enough stressful issues of its own, but when domestic violence is involved, the situation can become all the more serious. Pennsylvania has strengthened its domestic violence laws in recent years; however, reports of physical abuse are, unfortunately, still a common occurrence.

False domestic violence accusations and damaged reputations

Various family law matters can generate problems, from those involving custody or property division to child support and other issues. However, accusations of domestic violence can be especially troubling for people in Media, and other cities in Pennsylvania. The law firm of Louis Wm. Martini, Jr. knows how upsetting this can be and the different challenges that may arise as a result of these allegations. Regrettably, some people choose to attack their current or former partner by falsely accusing them of domestic violence.

Stalking laws in Pennsylvania

If you are in potentially abusive relationship in Pennsylvania, you may be looking for ways to keep yourself safe as you look to get divorced from your partner. You may also be concerned about keeping any children you have safe in this process.  For some people, fears of stalking may arise even once they have separated from a partner. If you are wondering if the actions of your former partner may be considered stalking, it will be important for you to know how the law defines this.

Report shows 102 domestic violence deaths in 2016

For Pennsylvania residents who live in abusive homes or who are in relationships where they fear they may be hurt or even killed by someone they love deserve to know how they can get help. Domestic violence is a complex problem and one that even those who track statistics seem to agree can be hard to always identify. 

What is a Protection From Abuse Order?

If you are currently suffering domestic abuse at the hands of your spouse in Media, the only thought more terrifying than the violence that you endure may be what could happen to you, your child and/or your family members or friends if you choose to seek a divorce. Fortunately, you are afforded legal protection from your abusive spouse if you seek a Protection From Abuse Order.

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