Put 20-Plus Years Of Divorce Experience On Your Side

Divorce impacts many aspects of your life — family relationships, parent-child bonds, finances, taxes and even your estate plan. It is important to work with an attorney who understands all the considerations involved and can help you see the big picture.

From our office in Media, Louis Wm. Martini, Jr., P.C., assists clients throughout Delaware County with every stage of the divorce process. We file all necessary legal documents, represent clients at court hearings and fight for our clients in court when divorces become litigious. Our lawyer has more than 20 years of experience in this area of law.

We are also here to answer your questions, such as "How much will divorce cost me?" or "Is litigation the right choice for me?"

Dissolution Of Marriage: Protect Your Finances And Your Parental Rights

The two most important aspects of any divorce are dividing marital assets and debts, and determining child custody.

Attorney Louis Martini begins by thoroughly examining your and your spouse's properties, bank accounts, business interests, investments and debts. Once we know each party's financial situation, we can work toward a fair property division agreement that leaves you in the most financially stable position possible.

We also handle divorces where spousal support/alimony comes into play. No matter what side you are on, we will stand by you and help you pursue the best financial outcome available.

When minor children are involved, we work to obtain child custody and visitation orders that respect parent-child bonds. We will try to make the divorce process as smooth as possible to reduce the negative impacts on your children.

Empowering You During The Divorce Process

When you go to court, a judge — who has little knowledge of you, your family's dynamics or your children — will be making important decisions about your finances and your children. At Louis Wm. Martini, Jr., P.C., we think you should be making these decisions. Whenever possible, we try to help our clients avoid litigation, and instead resolve their divorce disputes through negotiation and settlement.

When divorce becomes heated, however, trial is often the only way to resolve issues. In these cases, we will go to court and fight to protect your financial interests and parental rights. Count on our attorney to put his decades of trial experience to work for you.

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