Get Fair Spousal Support Orders After Divorce

During divorce, the income that supported one household must now support two. Where there is a large disparity in the spouses' income and financial assets, spousal support, or alimony, may be ordered.

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What Are My Alimony Rights And Obligations?

There are two types of spousal support payments in Pennsylvania: alimony pendente lite and post-divorce alimony. Alimony pendente lite is support ordered during the pendency of the divorce. Post-divorce alimony is an order requiring one spouse to make payments to the other for a period of time after the divorce is complete.

When determining whether to order post-divorce alimony, judges evaluate many factors, including:

  • The length of the marriage
  • The earnings and earning capacity of the spouses
  • The marital standard of living
  • The education and work history of the parties
  • Whether one party gave up a career to care for children

The amount of alimony payments is determined by a state formula, and the duration of the payments is within the discretion of the judge.

At Louis Wm. Martini, Jr., P.C., we will examine your circumstances and advise you on your legal options. Whether you are eligible to receive support or may be required to pay support, our firm can help you get the best outcome possible.

Defenses To Support: Cruelty, Abandonment, Adultery And Alimony

In certain circumstances, spouses who would otherwise be required to pay alimony may be able to defend against the order. If your spouse committed an act that would qualify as "fault" grounds for a divorce — such as infidelity, cruelty or abandonment — he or she is not entitled to alimony.

When Disputes Get Heated, You Need An Experienced Lawyer

Settling a case out of court is often the best option. It saves everyone time, money and stress. Unfortunately, it is not always possible. When trial is the only way to protect your interests, you need an experienced litigator on your side.

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