Expanding Your Family Through Adoption

Families come in all shapes and sizes. At Louis Wm. Martini, Jr., P.C., we want to know, what does a family look like to you? From our offices in Media, we help families throughout Delaware County and Pennsylvania come together through legal adoption.

Over the years we have helped many clients become new parents through private adoptions, and helped stepparents and grandparents solidify their bonds through adoption. We also represent same-sex couples, and help other individuals become parents through second-parent and kinship adoptions. Talk with us in a free initial consultation by calling 610-492-7122.

Navigating The Process To Create A Lasting Legal Bond

Forming a legal bond between parent and child has many benefits. In addition to solidifying emotional connections, a formal adoption will bestow many legal rights such as custody and visitation rights in the event of a divorce, and inheritance rights from the adoptive parent to the child. Legally adopting a child may also enable that child to be covered by your medical benefits.

An experienced lawyer can help protect your financial interests and emotional investments throughout the adoption process.

Attorney Louis Martini helps clients navigate the legal aspects of adoption. He assists with every stage of the legal process, including filing all necessary court documents, attending all legal hearings and drafting any necessary contractual agreements between parents.

Second-Parent And Kinship Adoptions

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania values parent-child relationships and encourages second-parent and kinship adoption. Children who have two legal parents are seen as being in a more stable position. If one parent passes away, the child has another legal parent to rely on for care.

Courts want what is best for children. If extending a family relationship will give a child the best chance of leading a healthy, happy life, courts will allow kinship adoption.

Second-parent adoptions are typically performed for same-sex couples. Kinship adoptions allow other family members — such as grandparents, aunts or uncles — to legally adopt a child.

Similar to a stepparent adoption, the ties between the biological parent and child are not severed in a second-parent or kinship adoption. This means single mothers or fathers can select another person — such as a same-sex spouse or partner, a sibling, a trusted friend or a grandparent — to become their child's legal parent. By doing so, they ensure their child will be cared for in the event of their incapacitation or death.

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