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What is a Protection From Abuse Order?

If you are currently suffering domestic abuse at the hands of your spouse in Media, the only thought more terrifying than the violence that you endure may be what could happen to you, your child and/or your family members or friends if you choose to seek a divorce. Fortunately, you are afforded legal protection from your abusive spouse if you seek a Protection From Abuse Order.

Gray divorce trends and pitfalls

Pennsylvania residents who may be considering divorce in their 50s or even later in life should know that they are far from alone. The baby boomer generation has led the way in many things and today they continue to do so in the world of divorce. According to data from the Pew Research Center, the number of people ending their marriages after the age of 50 jumped by 109 percent in the 25 years spanning from 1990 to 2015.

Pennsylvania child custody law in brief

Whenever two parents split, whether their marriage is ending or they never married and just want to go separate ways, one of the biggest issues they face is how to work out details related to the children. Some may have preconceived notions about how Pennsylvania courts handle such matters and fear that the relationships they cherish with their children will suffer.

New Pennsylvania law makes unilateral no-fault divorce quicker

As a social concept, divorce isn't something we strive for. The preference, supported by the laws of Pennsylvania and other states, is to see individuals succeed when they marry. Indeed, some family laws on the books serve as hurdles to divorce, especially if the dissolution involves children.

Getting divorced? Get legal help too.

Sometimes a recently-married couple realizes after a year, or even a few months, that their bond won't survive. Sometimes a married couple that has been together for 35 or 40 years decides that it is time to split apart. And sometimes, there are couples that have been together for a decade or so, and they run into issues that are simply irreconcilable. No matter the circumstances, there are couples of all shapes and sizes that decide that it is time to file for divorce.

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