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May 2017 Archives

Co-parenting for the benefit of the kids

Parents in Pennsylvania who have gotten divorced and now need to learn how to work with their former spouses to raise their kids face many unique challenges indeed. Co-parenting may be difficult at times but when both parents put the focus clearly on the children, it may be a bit easier.

Grandparents raising grandchildren in opioid crisis

As more and more families across the nation face the problems of addiction that are part and parcel of the opioid epidemic, more Pennsylvania grandparents are raising their grandchildren. WPXI reports that a hearing was held in Harrisburg to address the issues many grandparents are facing to keep their grandchildren safe while also dealing with their children, the parents, who are addicts. While most of these grandparents willingly step in to help, many do not have the financial means to be paying to raise children again, and they did not save for a retirement that included raising their grandchildren. There is no money set aside to help these families who are not using the foster system, and future expenses like college are a real concern as well.

How can I tell my kids about a divorce?

Have you and your spouse been discussing getting divorced in Pennsylvania? Maybe you have even made the final decision to end your marriage. Either way, if you have children together, you will need to figure out how and when to tell them about this major chang in their lives. Ideally, the two of you can do this together and will reinforce a consistent message to your kids. Psychology Today provides some guidance for parents who need to know just how they should approach this.

Report shows 102 domestic violence deaths in 2016

For Pennsylvania residents who live in abusive homes or who are in relationships where they fear they may be hurt or even killed by someone they love deserve to know how they can get help. Domestic violence is a complex problem and one that even those who track statistics seem to agree can be hard to always identify. 

Stressed about property division? Here are your options

As the divorce process gets closer, you likely have concerns about property division and how you can protect your assets. After all, nobody wants to see their hard-earned assets go away. Carefully identifying, characterizing and valuing your marital property is key to ensuring you remain financially stable throughout the process.

Shorter separation period for no-fault divorces

Couples facing divorce know the stress and anger that can put a strain on families, and a new Pennsylvania law has reduced the amount of time it takes for some couples to divorce. The law, according to ABC 27 News, will cut the waiting period in half for couples in a no-fault divorce where one spouse does not agree with the divorce. This means a separation will now be required for one year before the spouse favoring divorce is able to file.

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