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The benefits of joint custody

When divorcing parents in Pennsylvania are trying to determine who will get custody of the child, there may be some difficulties in determining if one parent will get sole custody or if both will get joint custody. Which one is better for a child, and which one suits the unique circumstances of their families?

The answer differs from situation to situation, as no two are exactly alike and the solutions that work for one family may not work for others. However, Newsweek has an essay on the benefits of joint custody, written from the point of view of a teenager who had been through the divorce of their parents. They stated that joint custody was something that positively shaped the relationship with both parents, and that the closeness and trust may not have otherwise been present if it weren't for spending equal time with both parents.

Divorce Magazine also lists reasons to support sharing custody over a child. They state that studies have shown children of joint custody have fewer mental health issues, and that it can even help the relationship between the two divorced parents. It lowers the overall levels of aggression, anger, and other negative emotions. New, positive connections can be made even in the wake of the divorce, allowing everyone to move on.

Divorce is a personal subject. Not every situation works for every family. However, joint custody could be an option to look into, especially in families where the ex-spouses believe they can still work together to share the time of their child equally.

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