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3 People to Talk to About Getting a Divorce

You know you are unhappy in your marriage, but does that mean you should get a divorce? Legally ending your marriage comes with numerous significant life changes, so it is not a decision to take lightly. Examine all your options first.

Start by talking to trusted professionals. Friends and family can be supportive and well-meaning, but they do not have the knowledge of how divorce will impact you and your family specifically. They may offer advice that is not relevant to your circumstances, no matter how helpful it was to them. Instead, talk to these three professionals about how divorce will affect you and if they recommend you go through with it.

1. A marital counselor

Talking to a marital counselor can help you determine if there is any hope for your marriage, and if there is not, if you are emotionally ready to get a divorce. Your counselor can also refer you to other relevant services if needed, such as a lawyer or social worker.

2. An attorney

No one knows better the legal ramifications of divorce than a family law attorney. The external, neutral perspective of an attorney can enlighten you on what your divorce may look like based on Pennsylvania law concerning property division, child support and parenting time. You can also decide whether mediation or negotiation is a viable option for your case.

3. A divorce financial analyst

Divorce involves a lot of money, not just with legal fees but also with property division and your future financial security. Your knowledge and handling of your marital assets have long-term consequences on your life. Without proper awareness and preparation, you can lose a lot in taxes or end up bankrupt due to unexpected costs and struggles with living under a new budget. A certified divorce financial analyst can help you understand your current finances, how they will affect your future and how to financially plan should you choose to divorce.

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