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Media, PA Child Relocation Lawyer

Media, PA Child Relocation LawyerMedia, PA Child Relocation Lawyer

Relocation Attorney in Delaware County, PA Skillfully Handling Relocation and Child Abduction Cases in Media, Springfield, Radnor, Chester County, Montgomery County, and Throughout Southeast Pennsylvania

Job changes, family commitments and other life opportunities often make it necessary to move to another city, state or even country. However, when minor children are involved, relocating is not as simple as packing a suitcase and buying a plane ticket.

At Louis Wm. Martini, Jr., P.C., we have experience representing parents on both sides of the table — those who wish to relocate and those who don’t want their children to move away.

From our office in Media, we help parents throughout Pennsylvania get child custody orders that protect their parent-child bonds. We also represent parents during international custody disputes and abduction cases.

When your relationships with your kids are on the line, you want help now — not tomorrow or next week. When you become a client, Mr. Martini will give you his personal cellphone number, so you can call him directly at any time, even on weekends or holidays. We’re here for you.

How Does Relocation Affect Child Custody Orders?

In general, custodial parents cannot relocate with their children outside the city, state or school district without the consent of the child’s other parent. If the noncustodial parent does not consent, he or she must file an objection in court. A judge will evaluate several factors to determine whether the proposed move is in the child’s best interests, including:

  • The impact the move will have on the child’s relationship with the nonrelocating parent and any siblings
  • The ability of the child and nonmoving parent to maintain a relationship
  • The impact the move will have on the child’s education and emotional development

When people come to us, many are unsure of their legal rights and don’t know their options. Attorney Louis Martini will take the time to fully explain your legal rights and options. He will help you understand the big picture and choose a plan of action that will truly benefit your child in the future.

Did The Other Parent Leave The County With Your Child?

Parental kidnapping often occurs when one parent leaves the country with his or her children without the permission of the other parent. The rules governing international child abduction are complex. It is important to consult with an experienced lawyer who understands the laws and knows the steps to take to get your children back in the U.S.

Louis Martini is dedicated to helping parents like you protect their rights. He has experience forcing foreign governments to return children to the U.S. He understands the interplay of international laws — such as the Hague Convention — federal statutes and state laws. He will advise you of your rights during the process and fight to have your children returned.

Protect your parental rights. Contact Louis Wm. Martini, Jr., P.C., at 610-892-0666. Consultations are free.

“Mr. Martini helped me with my custody and child support case and based on his help I feel that we received a very fair decision. Mr. Martini is an excellent attorney and I highly recommend him.”
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