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Dealing with family law issues can be difficult for anyone. These types of disputes can become quite contentious and leave a lasting impact on your entire family. Fortunately, when you have an empathetic and experienced Media, PA family lawyer working for you, navigating your court case does not need to be overwhelming.

Connect with a top-rated family law attorney in Media, PA, as soon as possible to protect your future and your family's rights. Attorney Louis Wm. Martini, Jr., P.C. has decades of experience handling virtually every type of family law case. He is trial-proven and can offer perspectives you may have yet to consider initially.

He is standing by, ready to offer practical legal advice and representation that can help you resolve your complex divorce, child custody, domestic violence, and other family law matters. When you are ready to become your strongest advocate, contact our office to request a confidential consultation and determine your next steps.

Your Dedicated Media, PA Family Lawyer Focuses on Most Family Court Legal Issues

Media, PA Family Lawyer.Media, PA Family Lawyer.

Your Media, PA family lawyer should have considerable experience handling virtually every type of family court issue. Attorney Louis Wm. Martini, Jr., P.C. has dealt with thousands of family law cases in his career and has extensive experience helping families navigate the following types of legal disputes:

Child Custody

When your marriage ends, or you are no longer parenting with your child’s other parent, figuring out how parenting decisions will be made and where your children will primarily reside can be highly emotional, particularly when you find it challenging to come to an agreement. Your child custody attorney can help you work out physical and legal custody agreements, establish grandparents' rights, handle relocation requests, and navigate the complexities of terminating parental rights when one parent has abandoned their parental responsibilities.

Child Support

Both parents have a legal obligation to provide financial support for their children. Pennsylvania has thorough child support guidelines determining how much child support should be paid and by which parent. In most cases, if the children spend significantly more time with one parent, known as the custodial parent, the parent with whom the children spend less time, known as the non-custodial parent, will be required to pay child support.


What they say about most marriages ending in divorce is valid. Fortunately, your Media, PA family lawyer can help you whether you are dealing with a contested or uncontested divorce. This includes the equitable distribution of your marital property and determining whether your divorce settlement should consist of spousal support and alimony.

Divorce proceedings in Pennsylvania do not require fault grounds. You must meet the state's residency requirements before proceeding with your divorce petition.

Domestic Violence

Our family law attorneys are also standing by, ready to provide exceptional legal advice and powerful representation if you are sexually or physically assaulted by a family member or someone you have an intimate relationship with. If you need assistance obtaining a protection from abuse (PFA) order, our firm could help you gather the necessary evidence to support your case. Your PFA could be in place for as many as three years if the court system deems it necessary. We can also assist in obtaining Protection from Sexual Violence Orders and Protection from Intimidation Orders.

If you have been accused of a domestic violence offense, it is essential to protect yourself. You may require the support of a family law attorney who can challenge the accusations against you and help you avoid the judge issuing a protection abuse order against you, which could have a significant impact on your housing, your relationship with your children, and even your ability to earn a living.

Connect With a Trial-Proven Family Law Attorney in Media, PA Today

No matter what family law issue you are going through, working with a powerful legal advocate may be the best way to protect yourself and your children. Do not let yourself get taken advantage of or allow domestic abuse or other misconduct to go unpunished. Working with a highly skilled family law attorney in Media, PA may be the right way to put this harrowing experience behind you and pick up the pieces of your life.

Reach out to Attorney Louis Wm. Martini, Jr., P.C. to take action. Our firm offers confidential case evaluations to families throughout Media, Delaware County, and across Southeast Pennsylvania. Claim yours by calling our office or completing our secured contact form today.

Family Law FAQs: Comprehensive Answers to Your Family Law Queries

You likely have many unanswered questions about how your family law case will unfold. Fortunately, your Media, PA family lawyer is here to get you the answers you need when you need them most. If you have additional questions we do not cover in this quick FAQ below, do not hesitate to contact our law office to schedule an individual consultation.

“Mr. Martini helped me with my custody and child support case and based on his help I feel that we received a very fair decision. Mr. Martini is an excellent attorney and I highly recommend him.”
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