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3 Tips For Talking About A Prenup With Your Fiance

You are engaged and you are feeling excitement for your big wedding day. However, there is something in the back of your mind that you are not able to stop thinking about – a prenuptial agreement. It is easy to procrastinate the discussion about a marital contract amidst all the butterflies and wedding planning, but if you have concerns about your finances during your marriage or a potential divorce, it is a necessary conversation to have.

But you may have concerns about getting shut down – or even worse, broken up with – if you bring up the topic. So here are three tips for bringing up a prenup with your fiance.

1. Do it as soon as possible

If you think you should get a prenup, talk about it early. According to Business Insider, you should address the prenup before you send out wedding invitations. Getting it out in the open early will take the pressure out of it. If you wait until right before your wedding, it will only be more stressful for both of you.

2. Be transparent

This is the perfect time to be honest with your fiance. Maybe your thoughts and expectations about prenups come from watching other marriages in your family or friends. Share any experiences you have to explain why you want to sign a prenup.

3. Offer reassurance

Chances are, your partner may feel a little uncomfortable about the conversation no matter what. If your partner expresses doubt or discomfort, do not get defensive. Be understanding and reassuring throughout the conversation. Let your partner know that you want to protect his or her finances as well as yours. Remind him or her that your goal is financial independence for the both of you.

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