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Can You Move With Your Child After A Divorce?

Divorced parents in Pennsylvania may not necessarily want to stay in the same city or even the same state after the split is finalized. At Louis WM Martini JR PC, we take a look at all of the potential scenarios in which you may be allowed to relocate with your child after a divorce.

There is actually a possibility that your ex-spouse may agree to any relocation requests you make. In this scenario, having permission allows you to skip all of the legal steps that are otherwise necessary, since you have full consent to move with your child. However, in many cases this doesn’t occur and you’re required to file an objection with a court.

Many factors will go into determining if this objection is accepted or declined. For example, will the move positively or negatively impact your child? Will it increase the distance between them and other relatives, outside of the other parental figure? Will their social or emotional development be impacted in a bad way? Of course, they’ll also look at your child’s relationship with your ex-spouse to determine if a move will negatively impact it in any way. In some cases, you may be allowed to relocate after these factors are examined. In others, the objection may be denied.

The possibility of relocating with a child may seem daunting to you, especially with the very real chance that you may not be allowed to move. Unpacking all of the information about relocation is a good place to start, and you can do so by visiting the link to our web page on moving with children after a divorce.

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