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Co-Parenting For The Benefit Of The Kids

Parents in Pennsylvania who have gotten divorced and now need to learn how to work with their former spouses to raise their kids face many unique challenges indeed. Co-parenting may be difficult at times but when both parents put the focus clearly on the children, it may be a bit easier.

Psychology Today emphasizes that one of the cardinal rules moms and dads should take to heart is to only speak positively of each other in the presence of their kids. Even the slightest negative comment about the other parent can make a child feel conflicted and caught in the middle between two people they want to love equally. It is in a child’s best interest to maintain strong relationships with both parents and this is a big way parents can help that along.

As explained by Today’s Parent, communicating with a former spouse can often be done electronically and this may offer the ability to avoid unnecessary points of conflict by reducing some in-person conversations. However, it is also important for parents to know when a live conversation is necessary. Equally important is knowing how to prevent a battle over email or text messages that creates a sense of tension that kids will pick up on.

Discussing rules for kids is a good idea and when this can be implemented consistently at both homes, that is preferable. If, however, one parent is adamantly opposed to following some rules, it may be wisest just to let that go and move on to other topics.

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