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Factors That Affect The Cost Of Divorce In Pennsylvania

Every aspect of divorce tends to be unpleasant, and the financial cost is no exception. However, just as there are things you can do to make your divorce go more smoothly, there are factors you can control to make your divorce less expensive.

These factors influence the answer to the question of how much a divorce costs in Pennsylvania. While some things, such as court fees, are out of your hands, the rest is up to you.

Which approach you take

The most expensive way to divorce is through litigation, or going to court. Sometimes this approach is necessary, but if it is not in your situation, consider other options. You can try mediation or negotiation instead. These routes cost less, offer you more control, take less time and lead to better outcomes.

Whom you hire

The lawyer you choose to represent you will also affect how much you pay to get a divorce. You do not want to go with someone who charges you for every little thing or is only willing to pursue litigation. However, neither do you want to hire a cheap attorney. You get what you pay for, after all. Look for a family law attorney who watches out for the best interest of both your family and your wallet. Additional professionals you may need include an accountant or divorce financial analyst, home appraiser and family therapist.

What your family circumstances are

The rest depends on what your divorce involves. For example, do you have complex assets to divide, such as retirement accounts or a small business? Are children in the picture, and if so, how many and what ages? How long did your marriage last? Is your spouse cooperative or hostile? Does anyone serve in the military?

Divorce is such a personalized event. There is no single formula that works for everyone. Even if you hire the same lawyer your friend did, your case is different and will not cost the same. Do what you can to lessen the expenses and accept that which is out of your control.

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