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False Domestic Violence Accusations and Damaged Reputations

Various family law matters can generate problems, from those involving custody or property division to child support and other issues. However, accusations of domestic violence can be especially troubling for people in Media, and other cities in Pennsylvania. The law firm of Louis Wm. Martini, Jr. knows how upsetting this can be and the different challenges that may arise as a result of these allegations. Regrettably, some people choose to attack their current or former partner by falsely accusing them of domestic violence.

If you are facing these allegations, your life may be thrown upside down in different ways, regardless of whether or not the claims are true. In your local community, you could be judged and may never recover from a damaged reputation. Moreover, you may struggle when applying for certain types of jobs in the future, or your employer could decide to let you go because of the accusations. Moreover, you may be unable to spend time with your children.

On top of these challenges, you may be facing an incredible amount of stress and be completely unsure of what you should do next. However, it is pivotal to go over all your legal options and quickly identify the best path forward if you are in this position. If you have been falsely accused of this offense, you need to do what you can to protect your reputation.

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