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How Can I Tell My Kids About A Divorce?

Have you and your spouse been discussing getting divorced in Pennsylvania? Maybe you have even made the final decision to end your marriage. Either way, if you have children together, you will need to figure out how and when to tell them about this major chang in their lives. Ideally, the two of you can do this together and will reinforce a consistent message to your kids. Psychology Today provides some guidance for parents who need to know just how they should approach this.

While certainly a lot of details about what daily life might look like during or after a divorce are not always known up front, it is important to be able to give kids as many specifics as possible about how their worlds will really change. Especially for younger kids, it can be helpful for them to know where they will sleep at night, who will pick them up from school or daycare and who will read them a bedtime story, for example.

Also important is for you and your partner to reiterate to your kids that it is the two adults who could not make the marriage work and the two adults who decided the family may be better off if they separate. Anything that can help prevent kids from taking on the responsibility of the divorce is a must.

This information is not intended to provide legal advice but is instead meant to help give divorcing or separating parents in Pennsylvania some ideas about how to help their children learn about a divorce.

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