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Negotiation Helps Save Money In Divorce

Some people think that going to court in a divorce case will end up netting them more money. In some ways, this theory makes sense. After all, they may believe or even know that they have a compelling argument and clear rights to the property and other issues in question.

However, negotiation is the true cost-saving method in divorce. Not only that, but it also saves you a lot in other areas, such as control and stress. Here is a look at why.

Negotiation puts you in control

When you take a divorce case to court, what happens to your children, property and more is likely up to a judge. Moreover, this judge may or may not believe your arguments. The evidence you see as so clear-cut might not be to this judge. In fact, many people who decided to litigate instead of to negotiate regretted their decision and ended up spending even more money to reach some sort of more acceptable compromise after a judge’s verdict.

Negotiation lets you better control the timeline too. Litigation often requires many hearings and meetings with lawyers. On the other hand, a well-done negotiation where both parties talk in good faith and stay on track can lead to a smooth and streamlined divorce in the fraction of the time a litigated case would take.

Negotiation does not always make sense

However, there are cases in which litigation could be better for you. For example, if your ex is set on getting some sort of revenge and is engaging in extreme and destructive behavior, such as making false accusations of abuse, negotiation might go nowhere. Of course, in such situations, it can be tempting to tell your ex something like, “Fine, I will give you everything you want as long as you let me keep seeing the kids.” This is not a true negotiation by any means, and your lawyer should have ideas for how to fairly resolve the situation.