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Shorter Separation Period For No-Fault Divorces

Couples facing divorce know the stress and anger that can put a strain on families, and a new Pennsylvania law has reduced the amount of time it takes for some couples to divorce. The law, according to ABC 27 News, will cut the waiting period in half for couples in a no-fault divorce where one spouse does not agree with the divorce. This means a separation will now be required for one year before the spouse favoring divorce is able to file.

Under the previous law, couples were given a two year required waiting period, which proponents of the law found to be too long. Experts in favor of the law say that while the two years was intended to allow for an ample reconciliation period, often it added expense and drew out a stressful process. The Morning Call reports that the shorter waiting period was also favored because many worried that two years put an added hardship on the children involved in a divorce.

Those against the law worried the shorter separation period could make it harder for those who may need to get on assistance in their transition, but with the new law couples will be able to divide assets earlier. Reports indicate that longer-term separation periods can lead to intimidation between spouses and more expensive lawyer fees. With this new law in place, lawmakers hope families with children go through less hostility in the divorce process, even when both spouses are not in agreement about ending the marriage.

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