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Stalking Laws in Pennsylvania

If you are in potentially abusive relationship in Pennsylvania, you may be looking for ways to keep yourself safe as you look to get divorced from your partner. You may also be concerned about keeping any children you have safe in this process. For some people, fears of stalking may arise even once they have separated from a partner. If you are wondering if the actions of your former partner may be considered stalking, it will be important for you to know how the law defines this.

According to the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence, there are different things that may be classified as stalking. One involves the ongoing communication to another person that is meant to instill a sense of potential imminent danger. This danger may be of physical or emotional harm. Physically following a person with similar intent may also be classified as stalking.

When making a report of suspected stalking, you will want to give details about a minimum of two examples of behavior that you may consider to be stalking. These do not have to have occurred within any specific timeframe. They may be on the same day or within the same month, for example. Criminal charges for stalking may be first degree misdemeanors or third degree felonies depending upon the situation including whether or not any prior offenses are on record.

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