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These Jobs Have The Most Divorces

Work is a large part of most people’s lives, and couples across Pennsylvania know that the career path they choose can impact other parts of their lives, including their marriages. A recent study used data from the U.S. Census Bureau to measure which jobs had the highest divorce rates for people by age 30.

The study was conducted by Zippia, who was interested to see how different occupations measured up against one another when it came to divorce. According to the data, military jobs have some of the highest rates of divorce, taking up three of the top spots on the list, including the first which went to first-line enlisted military supervisors with a 30 percent divorce rate. It is no secret that military couples are more likely to divorce, although there are no definite answers why. Couples who are separated due to deployment are one population who are likely more vulnerable to end their marriages. Some also believe that since the military recruits people who are in more difficult financial positions, that could be a factor as well. Frequent moves, often rigid schedules and troubles bringing a spouse back into the family after a deployment could also be to blame for the high rate of divorce.

As MarketWatch notes, logisticians and mechanics are also near the top of the divorce rate rankings, and financial difficulties can cause a rift in a couple. Although the divorce rate has been reducing each year since 1980, baby boomers have been a demographic with a rising rate.

Careers with lower divorce rates included religious workers, dentists and speech pathologists.

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