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Uncovering Hidden Assets During Divorce

A strong, successful marriage is often based on mutual trust, and once that trust starts to dissipate, it can be hard to find it again. If you have lost trust in your spouse and believe that he or she may be trying to conceal assets ahead of an upcoming divorce, performing your due diligence can help ensure you get your fair share when the day comes.

Hiding assets is becoming increasingly difficult, given today’s modern technologies and the electronic trails such actions often leave behind, but that does not mean your husband or wife will not still try to do so. If you suspect your spouse is hiding assets from you, consider taking the following steps.

Follow that electronic trail

If you have a shared computer, that is a good place to start searching for information that may indicate hidden assets. In addition to checking electronic files, folders and browser history, you can take things a step further and utilize technology that tracks keystrokes to uncover what your spouse has been up to online.

Track whereabouts and behaviors using smartphones

If you have access to your spouse’s cellphone, you can search it for information in the same manner you would a shared computer. You may also be able to find clues about hidden assets by using location tracking services on the phone, should you uncover repeat visits to an unusual bank, ATM or other financial location.

Know when to enlist help

If you are convinced that your spouse is hiding assets from you but you have not found success uncovering proof on your own, you may need to enlist someone with legal knowledge to assist you. Not only can doing so potentially help you uncover new information you cannot find on your own, but it may also help you determine what type of information is admissible in court.

To achieve fair asset division, you must know the whole story. Taking these steps may help you in your pursuit of the truth.

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