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Verbal And Emotional Abuse Are Also Serious

In many of our blog posts, we have addressed the issue of domestic violence. This problem is widespread across the country and is certainly a reason for abuse victims in Pennsylvania and elsewhere to seek protection while leaving their tormentors. However, our team at the law offices of Louis Wm. Martini, Jr., P.C., know that emotional and verbal abuse can also leave scars. Your spouse does not have to harm you physically to be an abuser.

According to, you might not realize you are in an abusive relationship if your injuries are not outwardly seen, but this does not make emotional and verbal abuse any less damaging. In fact, you may be trapped in an abusive relationship for years without realizing that your partner’s behavior qualifies as abuse.

Emotional abusers go to great lengths to ensure their victims’ self-worth and confidence are eroded to the point where they are completely dependent on them. You may feel as if nothing you say or do is good enough for your spouse, or that you are constantly “walking on eggshells” to avoid upsetting him or her. You could alternate between feelings of denial that your spouse is abusing you, to feeling trapped and hopeless. You might also begin to experience physical symptoms resulting from the ongoing stress, anxiety and depression of being emotionally manipulated and verbally berated.

As our page on domestic violence explains, you will often need outside help to escape an abusive situation. This includes cases of emotional abuse, as well as physical violence.

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