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What Do I Need To Know Before I Request A Child Support Increase?

As you know, life as a single parent is not easy. Receiving child support may somewhat relieve the financial burden of caring for your children on your own, but it is not always enough. You and other custodial parents in Pennsylvania might have wondered if you can petition the court to have your child support increased.

Gaining more child support is more complicated than calling the child support office and asking for more money. According to the Pennsylvania Code, there is a formal petitioning process that both paying and receiving parents must go through to get child support reduced or increased. You may already know that obtaining child support is a court-ordered process, and the same is true for getting the amount changed. You will first need to file a petition to modify your existing child support order.

This does not necessarily mean you will have your request granted; you must show that there has been a substantial change in circumstances to warrant the request. For example, if your ex got a better job that pays much more than his or her previous position, you might be able to have your child support reflect the increase. You may also succeed in having your child support increased if your ex obtains significant assets, such as an inheritance, that could be used to contribute toward the care of your children.

Child support issues are often complex and may be decided on an individual basis. For this reason, the information in this blog should not be considered legal advice.

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