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What’s Looked At When Determining Custody?

Pennsylvanian parents like you will have a lot on your plate if you’re dealing with issues of both divorce and child custody simultaneously. At Louis WM Martini JR PC, emphasis is placed on learning the ins and outs of the child custody process. This will likely help you brace yourself for what’s ahead on your own divorce journey.

There are numerous factors that are examined by the court to determine child custody arrangements. This includes things like the current status quo, i.e. how things are set up in your household already. Which parent is the child most used to seeing, for example? Shaking that up too much can be detrimental to their mental and emotional health, especially if their preference is for things to stay as they are. The child’s opinion is valued in court, meaning they have more of a say than some might think.

The abilities and capabilities of you and your spouse will also be considered. Who’s making the most money? Who has the most stable income? Does anyone have any drinking or drug problems? Are there allegations of abuse against either parent? These things will all be scrutinized before primary custody is awarded to anyone.

Unfortunately, battles over child custody don’t always go as planned. They can be long and tiresome, creating undue stress for the child. To help get through your child custody battle as quickly as possible, arm yourself with knowledge first. A good place to start is at our linked web page above, which focuses on the intricacies of child custody arrangements and battles.

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