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  • Non-Custodial Parents Can Be A Significant Part Of Child’s Life

    Dec 31, 2017

    It can be hard to raise your children if you have less parenting time than your ex has. As the non-custodial parent, you might feel as if your job is less important. At the law offices of Louis Wm. Martini, Jr., P.C., we understand that you want to enjoy every minute you spend with your children when you have a minimum of visiting time. We also know that you and other non-custodial parents in Pennsylvani...
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  • 3 People to Talk to About Getting a Divorce

    Dec 25, 2017

    You know you are unhappy in your marriage, but does that mean you should get a divorce? Legally ending your marriage comes with numerous significant life changes, so it is not a decision to take lightly. Examine all your options first. Start by talking to trusted professionals. Friends and family can be supportive and well-meaning, but they do not have the knowledge of how divorce will impact you and your family specifically. They may offe...
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  • How To Limit The Effects Of Divorce On Your Children

    Dec 24, 2017

    The prospect of divorce has you on a roller coaster ride of emotions, along with giving you a long list of things to do. It is most certainly an overwhelming, stressful time for you and your spouse. What about the children? How does it affect them? No doubt you have worried how your divorce will impact them. Much of it depends on their ages and maturity, but regardless of the circumstances, you can take th...
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  • What is the Address Confidentiality Program?

    Dec 20, 2017

    If you are a Pennsylvania resident who is a victim of domestic violence such as sexual assault, stalking or other domestic abuses, the state has many resources available to you in order to protect your future safety and that of your child(ren). Per the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence, one of the most effective and popular resources is the Address Confidentiality Program. The ACP gives you the opportunity to obtain a substitute address to use whe...
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  • Is Pennsylvania A Community Property State?

    Dec 14, 2017

    If you are a married Pennsylvania resident contemplating divorce, you probably are wondering how assets accumulated during a marriage are allocated during a divorce. While Pennsylvania is not a community property state, whatever property you and your spouse acquired during your marriage, including all money earned by each of you, is considered to be marital property. This property, however, is not necessarily owned jointly by you and your spouse, nor will it necessarily be divided equally betwee...
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  • Will Child Support Payments Cover All My Expenses?

    Dec 11, 2017

    Pennsylvania parents who get a divorce will also need to go through the process of figuring out child support payments. These payments are designed to alleviate some of the financial stress that results from a house’s income suddenly being halved. But do child support payments make up for all of the missing costs? The short answer: no. Child support payments are essentially an estimation of how much raising your child will cost, and as HuffPos...
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  • When Can Grandparents Get Custody?

    Dec 7, 2017

    If you are a Pennsylvania grandparent who is concerned about the safety and/or welfare of your grandchild, you may be wondering if there is any way you can get custody of him or her. There is. Under Section 5324 of the Pennsylvania Code, you may file a petition seeking physical and/or legal custody of your grandchild if you are willing to assume responsibility for him or her and if your relationship with him or her is court-ordere...
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  • Why Litigation May Not Be Your Best Option In A Divorce Case

    Nov 27, 2017

    Divorce is a conflictual event by definition because at its very heart it represents the break-up of a couple. Despite the origins of a decision to divorce, the entire process does not necessarily need to have conflict and stress at every turn. When people think of divorce, many of them picture the typical courtroom battles between ex-spouses as portrayed by dramatic movies. The truth of the matter, however, is that a skilled attorney with experienc...
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  • Determining Child Support In Pennsylvania

    Nov 24, 2017

    At the law offices of Louis Wm. Martini, Jr., P.C., in Pennsylvania, we know that children are entitled to financial support from both parents. We also know that you, as a divorcing parent, are concerned about how to obtain and enforce a fair child support order that will provide you with the resources you need to raise your children. Child support issues usually arise during your divorce, especially if you and your spouse have custod...
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  • Understanding Pennsylvania’s Domestic Violence Laws

    Nov 17, 2017

    Domestic violence can take many forms in Pennsylvania. In fact, as explained by FindLaw, there is no criminal charge for domestic violence per se. There are instead a number of criminal charges that may be brought against an alleged perpetrator who uses threats or intimidation against someone in the same family or actually harms such a person. Pennsylvania’s Protection From Abuse Act defines domestic abuse as any of the following actions by one member of a famil...
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